Next Steps

Next Steps

Freedom Life Church is a large enough place that, if you wanted to, you could slip in and out each weekend, and not be noticed. But we believe Jesus intended more for us as His church, and we know that what God is doing here is special, we want you to have a part in it.

At Freedom Life Church, we don't stress membership. We emphasize participation and doing life together.. And there are several ways to join in with what we're doing here!

These are your Next Steps...

Catch The Vision

During this exciting 3 week class taught by the pastoral staff and some of our Core Church leaders, you will hear what makes the church a family and how you can connect to it.

This class is designed to teach you our spiritual DNA and position you to start serving in our ministry.

You will learn that our church is a Christ centered church and we pursue teaching you the Word of God and also, help you discover, understand and activate your spiritual gifts.

See you soon!

Get Rooted

Get Rooted class was designed with Biblical Foundations in mind. We want to share with you the principles that make a strong, Christ centered foundation for life!

This is a 5 week class held every Sunday morning from 9-10 am. This is a class that will make your Spiritual Roots stronger, wider and deeper in the Word of God!