Next Steps

Next Steps

Freedom Life Church is a large enough place that, if you wanted to, you could slip in and out each weekend, and not be noticed. But we believe Jesus intended more for us as His church, and we know that what God is doing here is special, we want you to have a part in it.

At Freedom Life Church, we don't stress membership. We emphasize participation and doing life together.. And there are several ways to join in with what we're doing here! Here at FLC we encourage you to engage in three different ways explained in our church name initials FLC. F- FELLOWSHIP L- LEARN C- COMMITMENT

These are your Next Steps...


FELLOWSHIP is our church entry class. This will teach you all about who we are and our call as well as our vision. You are going to hear why we do things from serving, developing leaders, reaching out to our local community as well as other nations in the world, you will hear and understand our spiritual DNA.

FELLOWSHIP is a class that will paint a clear picture of the God given purpose of Freedom Life Church. This class acts also as your passport for your involvement in our church, If you want to serve in any capacity here at FLC, then FELLOWSHIP is for you!

Through our website and or our live services you will have specific dates for when this class will happen, it will be a 2 hour class over lunch or dinner depending on the time of day. All you have to do is sign up and show up!